Monday 4th January 2021
Happy New Year!

Hello and happy new year! It's definitely been a bit of a strange time recently and certainly not the end to 2020 or start to 2021 that we all would have hoped for, but after a few too many days of moping on the sofa I am ready and raring for the year to start!

I decided it might be nice to add a little blog section to my website. I'll update it every couple of months or so with new products, behind the scenes and anything else that seems interesting!

I'm currently staying with my parents (again!) - I came home in the student travel window in early December and have been advised not to go back until late January, seeing as my course is all online anyway! So I am currently writing this in my childhood bedroom, where I seem to have spent a lot more of the last year or so than I expected!

Despite all the rubbish bits of 2020, I'm pretty happy with where I am with Em Jenkins Design - considering this time last year it was a vague idea that I'd discussed with a few colleagues, I think I've made decent progress! Now that I've had my first really busy period over Christmas I seem to have really kick started my sales, so hopefully I can keep building on that and turn this into a full time job when I graduate!

Here's to a better 2021!